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300 Click for offerToyota's TRD Pro line also took center stage at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. I smell a trend. To catch up on everything we expect for the Galaxy Note 9, you can read CNET's rumor roundup here.

Djokovic versus Nadal, No. 1 vs. No. 2, was arguably the most anticipated match of the tournament. It was the first occasion in which these two tense rivals — who have now played 53 times on tour, with Djokovic winning 28 — had met in the finals of a Grand Slam event since 2014, when Nadal slipped by Djokovic in four sets at Roland Garros in Paris. The problem was simple: Computers are extremely good at being projectionists. It's tempting to get nostalgic about the age of the human projectionist, to wax lyrical about the benefit of a human touch, but there's no competition.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe Tokyo 2020 Olympics already has its mascots: Miraitowa (left) and Someity. Security preparations are underway too. More memes, more cheers, more tears will come next week, when France plays Belgium on Tuesday, and England takes on Croatia on Wednesday. The winners of those games advance to the final, set for Sunday, July 15.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYCorrection, April 12, 12:15 p.m. PT: This story initially had the movie time incorrect. It'll be available at 12:01 a.m. PT Saturday. The Red Hydrogen One is not a phone for normal people. It's designed for moviemakers by a company that makes professional cinema cameras -- you know, the kind used to film Stranger Things.

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For older people invested in stocks, the performance of the market in the early years of your retirement can have a lasting effect on your portfolio, which will remain a dynamic entity for perhaps three more decades. If you have to start selling investments when they are worth less, you’ll have to to sell more shares to get the cash you need — and the repercussions build on themselves. Picture it: San Francisco, July 4, 2006. It's a year before the first iPhone would go on sale and six months before we even knew for sure that the earth-shattering handset existed. Sure we had "smartphones" at the time, in the form of Palm Treos and assorted Windows Mobile devices (for you youngsters out there, that was Microsoft's software before Windows Phone), but they never fell into the hands of mainstream users. And even by the standards of the time, Windows Mobile was a pain to use.

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My favorite thing about John Herrman (c. 2069) is that he’s still alive. My least favorite thing about him is that he can’t talk. He knows what’s coming. He probably also has some ideas about what really mattered, in hindsight, and I’d probably agree with his ideas, because he is me. There are many things I would like to ask this flatteringly aged version of myself, who is smiling, despite whatever. Who dies when? How bad does, you know, it get? Got a sports almanac sitting around? Thai Cave Rescue: "I can't put words to what I think of the guy but it's not finished...people around the world really need to know what this guy is really like" - British diver Vern Unsworth speaking to 7 News reporter @MyleeHogan about @elonmusk's tweet. #7News pic.twitter.com/cEdRftgq1i

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“We’ve got to walk to the walk,” she said. “If we actually believe that money has too damn much influence in Washington, then change starts right here in the Democratic presidential primary.” "Right now our main mission is to support the astronauts with their daily tasks to save time, because time is the most valuable and most expensive thing on the ISS."

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“When you are in the top 100, you start to practice and play every day with the best players in the world,” Massú said. “You play the big tournaments, you start to see how the other guys play against you, against other guys. You start to see everything. You start to learn more things. I think he has the talent and the potential to be, one day, much better than now.” Use your best judgement for your family and household when setting the temperature. It's smart to stay within the range of 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (49 to 60 degrees Celsius). Make an adjustment, test it out and repeat until you settle on the perfect temperature setting for you home and water heater.

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