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300 Click for offerOne day, she said, “I just literally walked out of a Mass and never went back.” Market Breakdown

Just three of the wonderful cars that will seek new homes this coming January. “I wrote an explicit social media agreement that I made them agree to if they didn’t want me to block them digitally and in real life,” wrote Vera.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe chaos at Bury and Bolton Wanderers shows how precarious the football business remains, despite TV money and global investment. At Tranmere, smart commercial decisions and dedicated supporters kept the club alive. To fans' delight, under manager Micky Mellon -- yet another former player -- the team won promotion in 2018 and again in 2019. Despite losing some key names over the summer, Tranmere kick off the new season in League One, English football's third tier. The Beatles and Philip Larkin thought the same. “What will survive of us is love,” Larkin wrote in “An Arundel Tomb.” “All you need is love,” the Beatles sang. Maybe. But they forgot to mention language. Because without a way to tell it, what survives at all?

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYMotorola announced the phone’s revival on Wednesday. Packed into its familiar retro clamshell design will be an Android operating system; two screens (a 6.2-inch touch-screen one on the inside and a 2.7-inch external one); and a lengthy list of other features that may or may not pull in millennials and lure away iPhone users. So, the key to solving each theme clue is to keep in mind this clear and easy-to-remember formula:

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Looking ahead: Mr. Trump will travel to the Texas border on Thursday. But privately, he has dismissed his own new strategy of persuading the American people as pointless, and the shutdown is set to drag on. For many federal workers, that means no paychecks. So far, polls show Mr. Trump taking most of the blame for the shutdown, and Senate Republicans are increasingly anxious. The undercut backhand provided a similar safe space for Barty, who is known as having the best slice among the women. On Friday she did not hit her signature shot with quite the clarity she has when in peak form, but it was the foundation that helped her move past Maria Sakkari, 7-5, 6-3, in what was clearly her best performance of the tournament.

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Watching the trade war from Tokyo, there’s a strong sense of déjà vu and relief that President Trump, preoccupied by China, hasn’t put much muscle behind his threats to slap tariffs on Japanese automobiles. In “Need a Mental Health Day? Some States Give Students the Option,” Derrick Bryson Taylor writes about two states that allow students to take time off for their mental health:

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Pinch of freshly grated raw turmeric By the time our fifth anniversary rolled around the next summer, my husband and son and I were getting ready to move up to Lake Tahoe together. I had been invited to serve as visiting professor and writer in residence at a college up in the mountains, and it felt like the perfect place for a fresh start.

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On Tuesday, Ring said it would start stepping in. He is the son of Cathleen McNamee Paul and Dennis J. Paul of Herndon, Va. The groom’s mother is a property manager at Richey Property Management in Reston, Va. His father is a senior project leader at the Aerospace Corporation in Crystal City, Va. He previously worked in the aerospace industry supporting the NASA Space Shuttle program.

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