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300 Click for offerOf course, if you're so stressed you need some sort of break, it's hard to imagine that a different instrument cluster layout will make much difference. We'd advise drivers who are feeling overwhelmed to pull over to take a break. Nonetheless, we appreciate Ford's efforts to help drivers focus on the task at hand: driving. He can point out the exact spot where Winston Churchill got out of his car when he visited in 1946. In the college’s gymnasium, he points out the metal pole still strung to the building’s rafters, where a special backdrop was hung for the occasion. Standing outside the old university president’s house he recounts, as the story goes, how Churchill commented during their lunch: “Madam, I believe the pig has reached its highest state of evolution in the form of this ham.”

“Whether Democrats like it or not, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is now the face of their party,” said Steven Cheung, a former communications adviser in the Trump White House. Ms. Ko pairs ingredients and colors that play well off each other, such as pink grapefruit curd with yellow mango. “I think about color combinations that will contrast really well but will complement each other in flavor,” she said.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKESo Rosario vowed to take his time. Ahead of them, the 21-1 long shot Joevia was winging the field through a half mile of 48.79 seconds. He ripped a mile in 1:38.27, and Rosario and Sir Winston were in hot pursuit. Sara Rhodin, Tyler LechtenbergSara Sean Rhodin and Tyler Andrew Lechtenberg were married March 16 in a self-uniting Quaker service at the Arch Street Quaker Meeting House in Philadelphia. Sarada Peri, a friend of the couple, led the ceremony.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY“To portray him in one-sided media reports — based on vague and unsubstantiated allegations — as a victim of some ‘covert’ law enforcement operation is an affront to public safety; and it does a great disservice to the thousands of law enforcement officers who risk their lives daily to protect our communities, and our country,” the agency said in the statement. This virality is something that more and more Jumbotron proposers are experiencing now that social media is a thing and everyone in the stadium has a smartphone, or the teams broadcast feel-good content across their various platforms.

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English teachers have long employed mentor texts — pieces that can be studied and imitated as examples of great writing — in their writing lessons. In this Reader Idea, Emma Tsai, an English teacher at Episcopal High School in Houston, and a writer herself, tells us how she teaches with mentor sentences from The New York Times — bite-sized nuggets of excellent writing that her students learn to identify in real-world writing and then use in their own creative pieces. To hear Modern Love: The Podcast, subscribe on iTunes or Google Play Music. To read past Modern Love columns, click here. Continue following our fashion and lifestyle coverage on Facebook (Styles and Modern Love), Twitter (Styles, Fashion and Weddings) and Instagram.

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In 1907, Virginia Woolf sent her sister, Vanessa Bell, a mock proclamation in honor of her wedding, written by an imaginary bestiary of well-wishers named Billy, Bartholomew, Mungo and Wombat. After that, a man appears to run toward Ms. Terrone, who encourages him to “put your hands on me, come on.” She pulls her phone out, as if to start recording the confrontation. The man then appears to knock the phone to the floor.

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“This is not a great position for on-the-job training,” Mr. Lowenthal said. “There is a very steep learning curve.” Obie noted that in the film’s final twist, the Adelaide we thought we knew is revealed to be a member of the Tethered who escaped long ago, leaving her people behind to wither as she ensconced herself in the better-off upper world.

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Clients order from a menu on the Buunch website that categorizes current selections by hue: choose “yellow/orange” for a composition made up entirely of fiery gloriosa, perhaps; click “purple/black” for an inky, arachnid-like spray of black millet, lady slipper orchids and heuchera leaves; or select “rainbow” for a scattering of dyed baby’s breath and dianthus. They came home with two mustangs: 9-month-old Remmi and 11-month-old Stormy.

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